animation du Croisic le lundi sur les quais

The festivities


 Carna’bal - date not defined - village hall of Le Croisic
Dancing evening organized as part of the carnival.
Open to all costumed persons.
 Carnaval - date not defined - place d’Armes - Le Croisic
Confetti, costumes and brass bands take place on the docks. A colorful parade guaranteed.


 Jumping international de la Baule - date not defined -
François André stadium



 Music Festival - june 21st 2023 - Port du Croisic
 Fête médiévale - date not defined - Guérande


 Fireworks - july 14th 2023 - on the docks - Le Croisic
 The old trades of the sea - date not defined - Place Dinan - Le Croisic
 Les Escales - date not defined - On the port of Saint-Nazaire
 Les Nuits Salines - date not defined - Place du Mûrier - Batz-sur-mer
Festival of traditional music and rock

"Un soir sur les quais" in July and August On Monday evenings in summer, the port of Le Croisic hosts a host of street artists on almost 2 km of quays where a night market is held in parallel. At nightfall, fire eaters, waders, ventriloquists, musicians, singers, automatons, magicians and clowns dazzle young and old.

Luna Park
Amusement park - july/august - Guérande


 Fireworks - august 15th 2023 - on the docks - Le Croisic
 The Feast of the Sea – august 15th 2023 all day – Place d’Armes - Le Croisic
 The old trades of the sea - date not defined - Place Dinan- Le Croisic
 Les Celtiques de Guérande - date not defined - Guérande / Celtic and Breton culture music

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