spectacle des animateurs

Evenings at the Ocean campsite

The market

In july/august, the market takes place every wednesday from 5pm on the terrace of the bar/restaurant.

You can find different exhibitors there :

 Confectionery :
(cotton candy, pralines, American liquorice, lollipops ...)
 Etc ...


Aperitif games

In the early evening, on the terrace of the Bambou bar/restaurant, take part in aperitif games while sipping a cocktail in the company of our entertainment staff.

It is the essential meeting of the day, come and have fun around a friendly animation :

 Blind test
 Etc ...


The evenings

The entertainment team offers diversified evenings in a festive and friendly atmosphere in the entertainment room :

 Great games
 Dance evenings
 Etc ...

It’s an opportunity to share laughs, discover the talents of singers, dancers or actors, to meet and have fun for a real vacation.

soirée cabaret avec les animateurs
représentation des animateurs
le show des animateurs

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