capi et capette au club enfant

Entertainment for young and old children

The kids club

"Ar Moussig-Klub" (the sailors club, in Breton) welcomes your children from 4 to 12 years old during the Easter holidays and in july/august.
Children less than 4 years old can’t be accepted.

Various fun and friendly activities are offered :
- Manual activities: drawing, coloring, painting, beads, DIY, salt dough, cooking, makeup ...
- Team games: Treasure hunt, photo rally, hide and seek, prisoner ball ...
- Board games
- Mini disco/vigils/boom/shows
- Meetings with Capi

Our mini club is equipped with a play area, with slide and mini climbing park as well as an inflatable structure.
Something to climb, let off steam and have fun with friends ... in complete safety.

maquillage des enfants
atelier maquillage au club enfant
les enfants avec leurs mascottes préférées

The teen club

The teen club welcomes your children from 13 to 17 years old in july/august.

You can find a multitude of activities :
- Manual activities
- Role play game
- Team game
- Activities outside the campsite
- Board games
- Shows
- Evening nights

The teen club is therefore the dream place for your young persons, unforgettable camping holidays, memories in their eyes and friends throughout the campsite !

club ados du camping de l'Océan
gouter géant du club ados
body painting club ados

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